What Is Balance?

We are more than just a freediving school and shop.

We offer our community worldwide adventure mixed in with freediving. Our AIDA-based courses focus on safety in freediving and personal growth. Retreats and training camps are set up regularly at destinations around the world that go way beyond freediving, having access to a liveaboard sailboat “BALANCE” in the Cayman Islands allows for a unique experience to live on the ocean while you learn. This creates a space to focus on yourself without distractions, while also building team skills and community, often meeting and making lifelong friends in the process.







Meet your instructor

Scott FlorY

I have spent the past 22 years in the HVAC industry specializing in energy conservation and I committed myself to being a craftsman in every meaning of the term.

I stumbled into freediving while sailing in Rotan, Honduras, where I took my first course with Cristian Castaño-Villa in 2018. I didn’t think much of at the time, but often when I was away from the water, I would find myself thinking about being on a line with friends diving. After training off and on the next couple years at a beginner level I decided to spend 3 months in Colombia doing my instructor course. A decision that would change the direction of my life to some degree.

Although no one will ever be able to pry tools out of my hands, wanting to semi-retire from building and working on HVAC systems and focus more on helping people experience more of what life has to offer in our beautiful sport we call freediving.

Committed to giving and helping others is a passion of mine. This is why I have found such a pleasure in the role of a safety diver and teaching. When I’m not in the water diving or sailing, I enjoy being out at my ranch or mountains in untouched nature.


Scott is great! I recommend him for president of the world.

Enchante Gallardo

This is a fantastic testimonial about Balance Freediving.

Brandon Reed

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